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The "Muxteran Prisoner" Gambit

Developed by T'zim-Sha and Ta'zhen on the fields of Muxter specifically for use in the Purge, it seems simple on the surface, but can only work because Ta'zhen does not look like a typical Stenza.  

The Process

  Ta'zhen, thanks to her knowledge of Muxteran and faulty Universal Translator, allows herself to be held "prisoner" by her close friend, a more traditional-looking hardened warrior. She removes her artificial arm and allows the stump to be shot or slashed. She then gets dragged to the nearest Muxterans, shouting in their language for assistance while T'zim-Sha pretends to struggle with her. When the Muxterans rush to help someone they believe is one of their own, T'zim-Sha and Ta'zhen swiftly cut them down.  

Usual Use

  This trick was deployed in the suburbs of Mundeen with great efficacy against insurgents of the Muxteran Freedom Force, until the group got wise and tried to kill the "prisoner" on sight. This still resulted in Muxteran deaths, thanks to the duty Ta'zhen and T'zim-Sha have to each other to defend each other when one or the other is under threat.  


  Contemplated versions if this trick include "Albarian Prisoner" and "Captured Human Trophy." However, as yet, none have been implemented in practice.

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