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Esterholt Sentinel

The Esterholt Sentinel is a weekly newspaper that reports on local happenings in the town of Esterholt, Ohio and surrounding area. Typically this includes workaday events such as livestock news and the doings of the local government. But, the Sentinel experienced fifteen minutes of fame when it broke the story of Ta'zhen's disappearance under the now-famous headline "The Girl Who Ran Away With ET".

Document Structure


The front page is devoted to the most important news of the week. The next two pages are set aside for the table of contents, as well as commentary and letters to the editor. Following this are continuations of front page stories as well as agriculture news, public notices, police and court blotters, school sports, and other items of local interest. In recent years they have begun running a fourth-page column called "Watching the Skies", which reports on recent UFO sightings and other strange occurrences.

Legal status

The Sentinel is subject to state, local, and federal laws about how a newspaper should be run, and are thus subject to libel laws, vulgar content regulations, and so on. This rarely becomes an issue as local Esterholters are quick to write to the paper expressing what they feel needs to be corrected.

Historical Details


The Esterholt Sentinel was established in 1899 (local years) and has spent a relatively uneventful century reporting on the much more eventful happenings of the outside world, from the Great Depression and both World Wars to the Watergate Scandal and the Roswell crash, as well as covering local events from student of the month to missing persons. In 2010 (local years), the Sentinel broke the story on Kayla Kavanaugh's disappearance under the headline "The Girl Who Ran Away With ET". This action put the town on the national map, earning Esterholt and the Sentinel both fifteen minutes of fame and a spot in the annals of UFOlogical history.   Since this change in situation, the Sentinel has been running columns on UFO sightings in the area and related news, even recently branching out to include Bigfoot sightings and those of other related creatures.
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