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The Barclont Council

5,000 years ago, predating the country of Mousquet, the Barclont Council existed. The magocracy was established by an elder council of wizards. It was created to produce the perfect magical utopia where all schools of magic would be accepted. But that was centuries ago.  Since then the school of Artifice, once seen as leading to the potential downfall of other schools of magic, has been banned. The wizard community of Paridge felt that the entire school of Artifice was abominable, and any and all creations from the school found on Paridge grounds were destroyed.    This magocracy is solely responsible for the construction of the city of Barclont. They zoned its districts and they constructed its many walls. They are responsible for many things in the Barclont region including the cleaning of the spell dust that seems to collect in the region. Without the Barclont Council, arcane winds would be much more violent in Mousquet.    Members of the Barclont Council have free reign over the city of Barclont and are treated as royalty. Each member of the council, of which there are nine, controls a manse in the middle of town on the island that rests in the middle of Barclont. The wizards of the council each represent one school of magic, including artifice. They do this to retain balance over the schools of magic.
Geopolitical, Magocracy
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
The official currency is managed through gold coins.
Legislative Body
The wizards of the Barclont Council write all the laws and put them into place.
Judicial Body
The Barclont Council reigns supreme over the law. Usually they have some form of tribunal if there is ever cause to bring someone or some issue before the law.
Executive Body
The Barclont Wizards also enforce all of the laws. This is carried out through some form of magic.
Neighboring Nations


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