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Dust Mites

Dust mites eat spell dust. They are the denizens of the ventilation shafts. They are found there and nowhere else which is great because if they were they would become quite a nuisance to the residents of Barclont. The people of Barclont cannot stand the sight of dust mites and those that carry them as pets are often despised. Regardless of all of this, there are folks that do treat them as pets.   Dust mites have a horrendous bite and it has been known to be poisonous. They have a barbed tail which they can stab into unsuspecting predators.   It is not a great idea to stand up to a dust mite. They do not attack but they are prepared to protect themselves at all times. They have a burrowing speed which the use to tunnel through magic dust. This makes them even more unpredictable because when they emerge from the dust all sorts of wild magic effects may take place which can take an individual off guard very quickly.   There are many that choose to eat the dust mite in the lower levels of Barclont. The mite is seen as a kind of unique delicacy that is eaten by those of the upper crust. Therefore the dust mite is hunted by Sweepers that wish to make a few extra coins. The dust mites can reach a rather large size and can feed several people.   For those that seek to hunt the dust mite, they will need to carry with them spears and nets with which to haul them out of the dust.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Dust mites are quick reproducers. When they reach their adult stage they mate like crazy and don't stop until they die which is why they're so prolific.

Growth Rate & Stages

They begin life in special eggs that are planted within magic dust. These eggs are incredibly resistant to magical disturbances. They gestate inside of their eggs for up to one hundred and twenty days. Then when they are finished they hatch and walk about as nymphs. They stay inside this nymph form for a number of years until they have ingested enough of the eggshell. This takes the longest because the shell is so strong. When they have ingested all of their shell they move onto the "older" nymph stage in which they begin to eat away at the dust that they were planted within. It only takes a few weeks for the older nymph to evolve into their next stage, the sub adult. As sub adults they begin to harden their carapaces. This takes some time. When their carapace has sufficiently hardened they move on to their adult stage. In this stage they have all the capabilities of a dust mite. They are able to tunnel efficiently under magic dust without too much threat from wild magic surges and generally have an easier time in the ventilation shaft.

Ecology and Habitats

They live inside of the tunnels and shafts of ventilation underneath of Barclont. Before they took to this area it is thought that they were native to the river that runs throughout the city.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The dust mite has many capabilities. It has blind sight out to a range of two hundred feet and has the ability to transport itself through magic dust at an incredible speed. Dust mites come equipped with vicious claws which can cut through wood. They are notorious for tunneling into buildings in order to consume more spell dust. They can sense magic dust from a range of one mile with the use of special smelling olfactory senses positioned on their hard carapace. The rest of their life is spent looking for reasonable mates.
Scientific Name
Dustius Miticus
Conservation Status
The dust mite is often considered to be a pest and so its conservation status is kind of nonexistent. People are more interested in exterminating the animal than they are in protecting it.


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17 Dec, 2021 20:30

Lovely, well written article. I really like the idea of the mites and especially the mention of keeping them as pets. Only thing I would change is that I would mention the size of these creatures at the beginning of the article as the word “mite” gives me a mental image of teeny tiny creature. When the article started to talk about that it is not wise to stand up to dust mite and that people are eating them it got bit confusing until the size was mentioned. Overall great job!

17 Dec, 2021 21:32

These are interesting creatures! I would love to know how big they actually are, compared to anything really. First I though cat size due to pets but a cat can't feed multiple people I think? Fascinating regardless!

17 Dec, 2021 23:07

Thanks! I don't often make D&D creatures but I thought it would be fun to take a stab at one.