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Arcane Winds

Arcane winds course about the user of a magical scroll. They drift through the hair of a mage studying the fine art of the arcane. They pick up spell dust and transport it across all of Mousquet. Where there is magic, there is a wind behind it, constantly swirling spell dust in its wake.    The arcane wind is especially vicious in places like Paridge, where the spell dust is thickest in the city of Mousquet. Districts like Drey, with their artificer alley are also quite susceptible to the arcane wind.


When an arcane wind picks up, it is a difficult thing to manage. It brings spell dust with it, which causes all sorts of havoc. A rainbow colored sheen can be seen first as the dust flies through the air. It usually takes with it the color of whatever is around it. When an arcane wind follows a spell it can cause additional types of destruction including also doubling the damage of a given spell. That is why wards of protection are so necessary against arcane wind.


The weather around Barclont is especially windy and because of this, and the fact that the city is full of magic users, an arcane wind is a rather common affair.  Enter into the district of Paridge and one needs a series of protective wards cast about themselves during the windiest of days. These winds are most prevalent where the spell dust is the thickest. Any time that the particles are cast into the air, an arcane wind is possible. When hit with the wrong wind, an individual might turn into any manner of beast. Since there is no other protection against arcane wind, other than a magical ward, most homes in Barclont have barriers put into place to keep the winds from entering the home.
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