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Bent Hound

"Man's best friend," my arse, I'm about ready to kick this mutt onto the streets. Bloody thing got into the bread basket again, even after we put it up on top of the cabinets, and I'll be flogged if I can figure out how in hell she got up there to begin with. I know the breeder said the breed was smart but I thought he meant more along the lines of they know not to eat their own shite, not that they can figure out how to climb through a second storey window. If this brute gets dragged back into my house by the town patrol I swear I'm taking her out to the farms and they can use her to herd the chickens.

Fragment of a journal entry by an unnamed Fharyne man.

Basic Information


Lan-Bentii hunterhounds, known more commonly as bent hounds, are a specialty breed local only to South Bentii. These dogs have splendid long coats in colors ranging from dark brown to light grey, and typically grow to be about two feet tall. Their average stature is more than compensated by their intelligence, as these dogs are prized as one of the smartest and most empathetic creatures in Morova. Given the proper training, bent hounds can act almost as caretakers to their owners, sensing their needs and providing to the best of their ability. Of course, they expect reciprocation in kind, so they have a reputation for being a high-maintenance and needy breed.

Ecology and Habitats

This breed is native to South Bentii, but it has gained a reputation even in the farthest reaches of Morova. As such, it has start to spread to many different lands. It is, however, a very expensive and difficult dog to raise, so its influence has been fairly limited.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Highly intelligent and surprisingly intuitive. Many bent hound owners claim that they can converse with their dog almost as easily as they can speak with another human, as the hound seems to understand and react to what they say.
15 years
Average Height
2 ft
Average Weight
60 lbs

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