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Errylcoillh, translated to "Blood-drinker" in Lustrian, was the legendary sword wielded by Televandred Blackstar. It's wicked curved blade is known well among the Hymbrans, who later associated its shape with imminent, terrible death.

The History

The blade is no mere legend, though its story is legendary. Centuries ago, Errylcoillh consigned hundreds of Hymbrans to a horrible death. Blackstar came down from the Wuthering Wights with alarming frequency to avenge himself on the Hymbrans. Over a period of 16 years, the sword was responsible for around 200 deaths in Hymbra, most of them peasants in the northern frontier towns, but many of them guards and even veteran soldiers. Sometimes whole villages were found, their cause of death only determinable by the blackened skin surrounding the jagged cuts on the mangled corpses.

The Legend

Errylcoillh was described as being made of gromril, yet its coloration was black and red instead of silver and blue. Commentators describe this as a curse - the historical accounts of the aftermaths did report that the skin around the wounds inflicted by the sword was blackened and looked infected, although the victims couldn't have lived long enough for an infection to take place. Some contemporary and later scholars deduced that this was most likely due to a poison applied to the weapon.   As the legend goes, the curse not only affected its victims, but Blackstar as well. This version of the legend comes from the Umman Manda, who describe Blackstar as a "tribeless warrior, avenging the death of his mother and the hands of the heathens". They say that once the blade was drawn, it must take a mortal soul before it is sheathed, or else it will take the soul of its wielder. According to the Elves, this was the fate of Blackstar, who died in Hymbra. After that, the blade was never seen again. But every once in a while, someone is found on the read, slain with wicked wounds matching the description of those inflicted by the legendary Errylcoillh. Could Blood-Drinker still be out there somewhere?


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