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Morado Land of the Free

Harvestus 4th, 130 F.E.

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Welcome traveler!
The Colony of Alloyus, the newest jewel in the Feroxian Empire's crown, is found on the eastern coast of the Land known as Morado. Sanctioned by Emperor Ferox III, Alloyus has become the home of many Feroxian natives to test their entrepreneurial spirit against the unknown. Continued by his majesty, Ferox IV, Alloyus is looking for more amazing individuals to answer the call.
Located a three month journey across the Argentian Ocean, Morado has become the home of several enterprising types. In their thirty years since founding, the cities Bastion and Gateway have served as the hub for all who wish to make landfall. Whether you're a scholar hoping to discover the next big thing, a farmer who wants to own their land, or even a nobleman looking to make a name for themselves, Alloyus is the place to be. Rich in untapped resources, with less strict laws surrounding study and business, and with an ever growing population, Alloyus is perfect for any who find themselves yearning for more.
Be warned traveler, not all is gold in these lands. Between the harsh deserts, untamed plains, rough marshlands, unexplored forests, and treacherous mountains are a variety of ills that can befall you. Beasts, diseases, arcane magical vortexes, and even the savage criminals or tribes people are among the many trials one can face in these parts.
However, with great risk comes great opportunity, and Morado is full of both. So if this seems like the sort of thing you'd want, then simply make the appointment, join a barge, and set sail for the land of opportunity. It's yours for the taking!
Campaign at a Glance:
  • Meeting: Weekly
  • Players: 6
  • Player Level: 7
  • Setting Style: Wild West/Guns and Sorcery
  • System: 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons (with Homebrew)
  • Current Party Location: Whisper Mill
  • Current Plot: Between Plots
  • Starring: The Party
  • Themes:
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