Wizard of Wines Winery

The Wizard of Wines was a vineyard and winery in the valley of Barovia. It produced and distributed wine to all settlements of the valley, as well as Castle Ravenloft. The winery was located in the western edge of the valley, south of the village of Krezk and north of Yester Hill. It was surrounded by the Svalich Woods and connected to the Old Svalich Road via a muddy trail.   The winery was run by Davian and operated by his sons Adrian and Elvir and by his daughter Stefania and her husband Dag Tomescu

Industry & Trade

The winery distributed wine for free to all settlements of Barovia. It was known for three vintages   1. Purple Grapemash No. 3 An unremarkable table wine. It was sold at inns for 3 cp per 1 pint (0.47 liters).   2. Red Dragon Crush A flavorsome vintage, which was sold at inns for 1 sp per 1 pint (0.47 liters).   3. Champagne du le Stomp A rich sparkling wine. which sold for 5 gp per glass.


The winery was originally given by Strahd von Zarovich to the Krezkov family as a reward for their loyalty, but it later passed on to the Martikov family through marriage. Sometime in the late 15th century DR, the winery was visited by the Heroes of Baldur's Gate during their imprisonment in Barovia. Having been brought there by Adrian Martikov after the Heroes saved him from an ambush in the Svalich Woods, hey were met with suspicion by Davian Martikov, Adrian's father. Davian reluctantly agreed to allow the adventurers to spend two nights in the winery's stable. During the first night, Delina and Krydle experienced hallucinations created by the Dark Powers and were almost driven to kill each other, were it not for the intervention of Shandie Freefoot. The following morning, they decided to leave the winery and continue their journey to Vallaki
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