Werewolf Den

West of Lake Baratok is a cave complex that the werewolves of Barovia use as a den. Above the tree line, carved into the side of a rocky mountain spur, is a wide, torchlit cave that looks like the gaping maw of a great wolf. The open jaws of the wolf's head form a fifteen-foot-high canopy of rock over the cave mouth, held up by natural pillars of rock. The ceiling rises to a height of twenty feet inside the cave. Torches in iron brackets line the walls. From somewhere deep inside, you hear the echoing sounds of a flute. Some of the notes are discordant—painfully so.   The werewolves call themselves the Children of Mother Night, because they all worship that deity. Recently, a schism formed within the pack as the result of a challenge to Kiril's leadership. The rift began when another werewolf, Emil Toranescu, questioned the treatment of children kidnapped by the pack.   Kiril would arm the children with weapons and force them to fight each other to the death until only one child was left standing. The winner would then be turned into a werewolf, ensuring what Kiril called "the strength and purity of the pack." Emil advocated keeping all the children alive and turning them into werewolves, thus increasing the pack's size. Emil believed that a larger pack would ensure the werewolves' survival, whereas Kiril saw a larger pack as too difficult to control and feed.
Additional Rulers/Owners
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