The Amber Temple

The Amber Temple was a temple containing dark and forbidden lore and sarcophagi containing evil vestiges.


The Amber Temple was founded by a society of good-aligned wizards to keep evil forces from getting to the evil lore. The Dark vestiges inside the sarcophagi corrupted the wizards, who turned against each other. Then the Archmage Exethanter came and used one of the dark gifts the vestiges offered to become a Lich. Rather than hoard the wealth of dark lore, he offered to share it with other evil beings and animated the wizards' skulls as Flameskulls. Strahd von Zarovich came to the temple and accepted the dark gift of the Vampyr and thus sought to keep people from coming to it.


The temple is carved out of Mount Ghakis peak and it’s in a permafrost state. Unless the adventurers  have heat sources and weather gear, they will suffer the effects of Extreme Temperatures. If the players came via the Tsolenka Pass, then they probably did not get this far without turning back to buy appropriate gear. The real problem arises if the party got here by accident while teleporting from Castle Ravenloft in the hourglass room. If that is the case then the party are in real danger from freezing to death. Unless they get killed in the temple anyway.
Alternative Name(s)
Temple of Secrets

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