Trepion Council

A figure dressed in a fine red shirt and trousers with gold embroidery stomped through the undergrowth, not caring for their clothes. The full moon was high above the forest wen the figure finally saw the clearing they were after. The figure stopped at the perimeter, looking at the temple pillars engraved with runes protecting the place from being found by those who don’t know of its location or existence as well as decay.

Two inky black humanoid shapes stood before the lowest step, not caring for the newest arrival.

Only two, the figure muttered and stepped out into the moonlight.

Walking between the shapes the figure strained to walk onto the first step and in the process of doing so tearing away an inky shape, just like the ones already present.

The figure glanced back at the three shapes, feeling empty. I’ll be back soon, they thought and quickly moved up the 5 steps to the circular main platform.

As soon as their foot touched the platform a calm voice spoke: “And here we have Neni'taca. Just on time, like always.”

The figure smiled as they looked to see two figures, one dressed in dark blue trousers and a white jacket and the other wearing a flowing yellow dress.

“Shuri’tenu, Hiri’leko, It is fortunate to see you.”

The greeted each other by holding each others heads and touching foreheads.

Once greetings were exchanged Neni had to ask the question: "Is it just us three?"

Shuri and Hiri exchanged looks before Hiri answered in their usual calm voice: "It would seem so. While hope has not died yet, nobody has ever been late to the council."

"It is with pain I must agree with you." Neni looked between Shuri and Hiri for a comforting lie, but found none, so they continued: "Considering your statement, shall we begin?"

"Yes, let us", Hiri answered, turning to Shuri for confirmation, who nodded and said: "No point in clinging to hope when time is running short."

They turned and walked to a wide silver ring set into the granite of the platform, positioning themselves so that each stood evenly distributed.

Then they stretched out their hands with palms up and started slowly chanting. The chanting picked up speed, causing the runes on the pillars to glow faintly. When the chanting reached its hight, the pillars flashed and from the outside the three figures were no longer visible, but the three inky shapes started patrolling the perimiter.


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