Swifts calling

We have our differences, but why would they matter if we were to be consumed by the rot?
— Druid speaking at the fey court


The five druidic circles are of equal and democratic standing to each other when it comes to the response to the rot. Each circle has some general roles in their task, but each also has a specific duty in accordance to the circles strength and abilities.

Circle of the Winged

This druid circle lives in harmony with those animals that fly. Their main living place is in the steep hills, about three days travel into the endless forest.

Because they have such a great relationship with birds they work together as part of the alliance to scout the spread of the rot and to maintain communications.

Circle of Twilight

On the prime material plane few want to talk about or with druids of this circle due to their use of bodies and blood to power their spells.

However, this is exactly what the Swifts Calling has needed in order to stave off the rot. They are able to consume the bodies the rot had claimed to clense other plants and animals of it.

Should one want to find the circle under normal conditions they can be found next to Bloodcliff.

Circle of Dreams

Easily the most secretive of the druid circles. They are acting as the guardians of the temple of Driien, which contains a gateway to the feywild.

Having acted as diplomats between the feywild and the prime material plane before, the Circle of Dreams set out to help with the rot by establishing diplomatic relations on both planes, hoping to recieve greater aid.

Circle of Stars

One cannot find a better navigator than a druid from the Circle of Stars. Capable of finding their way no matter the weather or location has helped the Swifts Calling tremendously in quickly traversing the endless forest.

Under normal circumstances they live in a stone structure around the Cliffs of Sinea.

Circle of Thorns

Their keep is located slightly east of the city of Jeiaan at the border to the endless forest.

The Circle is known for its martial performance, using the plants around them to hinder, immobilise and restrain opponents. Their main task is to protect the Twilight druids while they are performing the clensing rituals and to be the main fighting force.

Public Agenda

To stave off the rot, a necromantic energy of some kind that makes plants wilt and falter, and to cleanse its source.


The druids from the Circle of the Winged were the first to notice that the far western parts of the endless forest were beginning to wilt. They asked the animals for information on the matter and they eventually managed to conclude that some necromantic energy had started to spread eastwards.

Due to the size of the area affected they knew that they needed help and so they sent out swifts to other druid circles to call for aid. Four circles heeded the call.

Druidic Circle
Alternative Names
The Interlinked


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