Redacted Conspiracy

Shayne starting to pull the strings more on Bhulen ("friends") Bhulens servants attempt on the desalination plant and Delphi.   Padren happy that there is no spotlight on him, wants a carefree life.   Horst would be rock in the way, needs to be removed. As of visiting nothing has changed.   Delphi seems to be officially involved with Shayne, even if that is only Shaynes side of the story. She popped back onto the radar when she turned up in Bralas unexpectedly. Making firends down south could be making Shayne nervous.   Shayne is almost transparant, always doing what he thinks is right for the country. Doesn't hide that he thinks he's smarter than everyone else, belives everyone will listen when he speaks (particularly Freador). If he is being nafarious it wouldn't be anything anyone would have seen coming.   Siblings would be business as usual, at least during the visit.   Delphi learned that Thaddius is recently becoming paranoid and erratic. Still talking with wife and Bavrey, as well as Bhulen.


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