lucky day

Lightning flared in the sky. A few seconds later the thunder rumbled for some time. In the distance the coming rain could be heard.

Ann looked up at the dark sky, exclaiming: "I should've taken some better clothes with me today."

Lenn smiled widely on the horse beside her.

Anns head snapped down to look at Lenn: "I know you told me so. No need to be smug about it."

The smile on Lenn turned into a grin.

"It's your lucky day today, Ann."

"Why? Because we found the soul basin?"

"No, I just care more about your well being than you do yourself, so I packed an extra coat with me, should you want one."

Ann glanced over at Lenn before holding out a hand as the rain started to fall.

Lenn reached into the saddle bag, pulled out a coat and handed it to Ann, who pulled it tight around her shoulders and the hood up.

Part seven of the short story written for Inktober 2019 (#27: Coat).


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