Blind purchase

"Please tell me again how much we paid for this." The disappointment could clearly be heard in Anns' voice. Lenn stared at the front door leading into the house which looked like it would disintegrate if handled roughly. He then sighed and almost whispered: "300 gold pieces. I have regrets."

"About 300 gold pieces too much I think, unless there is something on the inside worth salvaging. Come on.", Ann said and moved towards the house as the loomed around them. Lenn sighed again, this time with trepidation, but he knew that Ann would not listen to his concerns when so much money was on the line.

Ann pushed on the door, but instead of swinging open the door just fell to the floor, making a dull sound that echoed through the house. Pushing some vines out of the way they could see the hallway inside.

"Considering the glowing mushrooms", Lenn spoke with a hint of sarcasm as he pointed at a patch of stiptic fungus, "I doubt we'll find anything of worth in here."

Ann grimaced while nodding slowly. She then took a step forward and the floorboards gave up with a deafening crash.

Screaming Ann fell down into the hole, with the screaming ending after a wet thud. "Ann!", Lenn shouted after her, but no response came.

This article was done in haste as an entry for Inktober 2019 (#14: Overgrown). Part one of the story.


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