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Key to the Sparrows Archive

One of the most magical locations in Lokmare, the Sparrows Bookshop's Archive is also one of the most protected. While the general bookshop holds plenty of magical secrets--if one knows how to look for them--the Archive is where dangerous knowledge is kept, for example texts on necromancy and time magic. Naturally, it is kept locked with a magical key.   The Archive's key is kept in the posession of shop staff at all times. Like all magical keys, it not only physically locks the entrance to the Archive, but wards it against means of forced entry, including by magical means. The key was forged by the famous magical locksmith Ida Olander.




A remarkable city in the realm of Alterra, founded by refugees from the other four realms. A place of hidden magic in a world that does not believe in magic, and where sinister forces work hard to keep magic secret.  

Sparrows Bookshop

Notable landmark in Lokmare, the most reliable place for those with magical powers or interests to educate themselves. It has been passed down through the generations by the Sparrow family, who have mixed magical ancestry.  

Magical Key

A type of crafted magical artefact, magical keys are forged with protection magic to ward a specific place or item. Doors for instance may also have an ordinary key, but cannot be unlocked with it if they have been locked with their magical key. Depending on how individual keys are crafted, there may be dire repercussions for anyone attempting to force the lock.  

Olander Family

Another old Lokmare family, the Olanders are descended from refugees from the realm of Hjemtir and known for their magical locksmithing ancestors. Olander House is one of the most magically fortified buildings in Lokmare with more than a dozen of its own magical keys.


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