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Crystal Memory Technology

The Crystal Memory Technology is widely known as CMT by the people of Varenburg. It has been developed by Dragon Systems Inc. a few months ago and is used in Mobile Devices and Stationary Computers. The technology is available to everyone and mainly used in the new Smartphone DS 1.


The Crystal Memory Technology was developed to improve the amount of data you could story on a single disk. It will hold up to 360TB per Disk, with five possible disks per HDD. At this moment it is mainly used by corporations for their security systems and servers in house. Especially Goddess of Sex makes extensive use of the new technology to store the raw movie files before cutting.

There are HDDs available for the public, but the price is still pretty high and not suitable for everybody. Some High Level Gamers do use the new technology, because it is much faster than previous Memory Devices.

Dragon Systems also produces a High End Smartphone that makes use of their Memory Device. These Phones are available from 1,500€ and up, depending on camera, display size and storage.


The basic disk which is there to store the data will be produced as 2€-sized glass disks, which will be grouped into some sort of metal housing. With the disks comes a small, high precision laser device, which is also stored within the metal housing, and will write the data on the disk. Depending on how small and precise the laser is, the price of the device will vary, because smaller and more precise lasers are more expensive, but can write and rewrite data more efficently.

In March Dragon Systems announced that they are planning to produce high end GPU and CPU, using a similar technological base, which makes the businesses in Computer Technologies pretty curious right now.

Extended Discovery

At the beginning Dragon Systems Inc. planned to invent a crystal based memory device, that would allow to rearrange the molecules of the crystal according to the data stored. That proved impossible with the available technologies. Instead they invented a crystalline disk, which would be engraved with a laser, similar to a CD or DVD. The Data can be rearranged like on a DVD-RW.

Once the basic technology was developed and refined, the company needed to produce small, high precision laser devices that could be included with the new disks.

Technology Level
Dragon Systems Incorporated
Access & Availability

Available for users of the DS 1 Smartphone and users of the DragonSys Drive.


Complex technology which uses principles of Flash Memory Devices and earlier Disks.


The development of CMT required a lot of research and a profund knowledge of existing memory technologies. The basics for this new and efficient technology came from laser engraving and Flash Memory Devices in first place.

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4 Feb, 2021 15:44

Interesting. Is this based on real life technology? It seems like something that could happen in the not-so-distant future. :D I like that the disks are glass.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
25 Feb, 2021 04:55

Yes it is! As far as I know, the university which developed this is searching for partners to make this happen. I am glad you liked it!