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The Necromancer

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Nora comes from a long line of Necromancer and today is the day that she complete her training. But everything goes wrong, she is captured by a Coven that believes her magic is unnatural. How is she going to survive this? And why those it feels that the man who captured her is also capturing her heart?  

Release date

October 9th 2023  


Urban Fantasy, Young adult

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Reading hours

2-3 hours

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Dennis van Peppen


Purpleheart Publishing

Others in the serie

The Lunar Coven


Purpleheart Publishing

Purpleheart publishing is the name Nathalia Books gives to her Indy work. Working at a kitchen table with a good cup of coffee, the books come together.

About the author

Nathalia Books is a dreamer and turns these dreams into stories. Each with their own world and charm, she prefers to write all day long and she loves to forget the world around her. Her worlds take you to deserted places and unknown cities. She introduces you to unknown races and beliefs.


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