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Mirror's Gaze Haven

What was known as Dragon Keep before becoming a forgotten island.

Gazing through the looking glass
A reflection of what was and yet is
Where two are one
Deep in the Forest Maze in Meinland, there lies a small house in ruins called the Shack. It is a chilling place to behold and is the centre of rumours about sudden disappearances. This location holds the key to many of these rumours, but not a single person has been able to solve its riddle.

Owner & Hostess

Owner: Cessair, a Fabele whom connected his own spirit magic from the Shack to Mirror's Gaze Haven. He renovated the mini-castle in hopes to make amends for the loss of his wife.   Hostess: Mariella is a close friend of Cessair and deeply cares for him. Since Cessair is rarely seen walking the halls of his own castle, she oversees and reports directly to him of her duties and his staff's.  
  • 2 Greeting Hall Attendants
  • 2 Greeting Hall Helpers
  • 1 Personal Helper for each apartment guest
  • 1 Hot Spring Clerk
  • 1 Maid and Manservant for each side of the hot spring
  • 1 Head Chef
  • 3 Cooks
  • 1 Waiter and Waiteress
  • 2 Drink Mixers



The Shack

Meinland, Forest Maze
In the centre of this ruinous, small house, is a large well with water filled to the brim. The water emits a faint gentle glow, as if the moon was shinning down its reflected glory from the sun. The well is so large that there was no room for extra footing. Where the well of water sits looks to be in the living room and also the kitchen, or what used to be. Patches of discoloration on the walls where pictures used to hang, cracks and fissures in some places in the walls and empty, broken frames littered the soiled, carpeted floor. The size of the place looked like a home for one or two people. Now as it stands, the Shack.


Faeding Vales, Mirror's Gaze Haven
Sitting on a floating rock is a sphere-like castle structure that nearly takes up the entire land, save an outline of grass and vines wondering their way up and around the walls and towers. Compared to other castles it is on the smaller scale, but because of abandonment and flow of time, it has grown to be a beautiful garden structure. The stunning vegetation makes up for its cracks and broken mother of pearl marble walls. By day the castle shimmers a light golden sheen reflected by the sun, and by night it glows a luminous silver-blue with glints of sparkle; like stars that sprinkle the onyx sky.
A large root extends from the midst of the rocky island and vanishes beyond the misty clouds of the Faeding Vales. Perhaps it was the Mother Tree that caught wind of this island by the spirit stream and took root in it, birthing a lesser tree.
A little ways away from the castle in the sky is another island. This cup of rock is filled with water and steam rising from it. This is the Hot Spring that helps speed up recovery time. It is divided into two by a great limestone wall for privacy and good manners. About 5 stones throw away from the spring is a pink and blue blossomed tree where people can read, write or draw, if they so wished. The way to this location is through a registration process. Once registered, a traveler or sojourner can ride the spirit stream by Stream Boat.

Main Floor, The Gathering Hall

Beyond the golden-gated archway from entering the mini-castle, is the lavish Gathering Hall. The interior of the castle is fortified with diamond stone, which conducts its own heat, so a fireplace is not necessary. Paintings of the royal Fae lined around the castle's circular wall. Some faded and in need of retouching, but there is one that stands out from the rest. A large, gilded painting of a Fae man standing tall with his wings spread proudly and protectively. His arm encircling a woman, whom wore a warm and welcoming smile, as if to welcome their guests.  
In the middle of the room is a lesser tree of the Weeping Wisteria Mother Tree, which is located the Kingdom of the Faeding Vales. The lesser tree is surrounded by a large pool of water, similar to the one built in the Shack. Two stepping stones sit on each side, closer to the elaborately designed, gray-white diamond stone wall. In the middle of the stone platforms is an interesting rune with a circular pattern around the face of the stone. These platforms rise and fall, ascend and descend guests from the Gathering Hall to their apartments on the second floor.

Second Floor, Guest Apartments

After a sense of elevation from the stepping stone, a red and intricately woven gold carpet greets the feet of guests for respite and recovery from serious injuries. On each side of the white-diamond stone walls are mahogany polished wooden doors. The hallway looks as if it goes on forever, but curves to meet the other side of the apartments. One side is for females and the other side for males, respectively.

Basement Floor, Rivulets of Reflection Tavern

Or as some call it, the tavern of Drowning Tears. This level seems to have mixed perceptions and emotions since it is darker, being in the core of the floating rock. However, there are some whispers of light coming in through the renovated windows, creating a scene of either romance, warm and cozy feel or the pit of sorrows.   To get to the basement where the tavern is, one must stand on the rising or falling stepping stone and say “tavern”. This is made known to new guests by the Personal Helper on staff by whispering the word in their ear. One will be standing on another immobile stepping stone in the corner of the tavern. To the left is a large, barred gate, creating a sense of ambiance. A little bit ironic given the history.   During game time, crystal lights brighten up the tavern and most of the moonlight shines into the room. Everyone takes part in a play of cards, dice or some kind of board games. It is quite lively at this time before retiring for the rest of the night for recovery.


Dragon Keep

This landmark was famous for its name and many rumours circulated about the time it was built. It was designed as a prison to hold the most heinous of criminals, committing methodical horrors. The King wanted to prevent such crimes from happening at all, so he told a story after this confinement was built.
Dragon Keep is as its name portrays. A dragon is housed in the belly of the rock, contained with spirit magic barriers. Any Fae that wishes to test the boundaries of the Law will se first hand that it is, indeed, true. Any Fae that commits such crimes will be held in the Vine Jail until proven guilty, then be sailed away to Dragon Keep where he or she will be eaten.
~ Rumours from the Faeding Vales King ~
900 A.D.
Founding Date
1940 A.D. - Reconstructed
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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Mar 12, 2022 02:11 by Ezra Aldrich

Oooh, a tavern made within some ruins. Repurposed areas are always nice to read about. It sounds mystical and intriguing; I'd totally want to visit if it ever appeared to me / I found my way there. I'm curious to learn a bit more of the owner and his friend. Are there any unique foods / drinks served here? I like the bit of detail of the staff breakdown. Overall a lovely article to read. c :

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Mar 18, 2022 11:43

Quite a mysterious and magical sounding place. I wonder if many people manage to visit the tavern as one must know to stand on the stone and say "tavern".   Also I don't know if it is intenitonal but in the menu there is Chickein instead of chiken :)

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