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Salkire castle

It said that the Salkire castle located in the dark forest of Salkire was hit by a brutal curse during one of the several sieges that the castle faced during what in Zadad¬†are known as the age of trouble, an age were Zadad were fighting to maintain their independence from its neighbours that wanted the strategic location of Zadad.   During the last siege that the castle faced, it was hit with an unknown curse, the only thing known is that shortly after the curse was cast, the defenders of the castle would all go mad and begin fighting each other. Attackers who would later say that the killed lasted several days and that even though they had made camp a fair distance away to make sure they were not in the area of effect of the unknown curse, they could still hear the screams from the defenders dying to their own allies and friends.   The attackers had probably thought that they could just walk in afterwards but something had gone wrong during the casting of the curse, once the attackers entered the courtyard of the castle the defenders who had killed each other, all rose from the dead and began attacking the intruders which resulted in that the attackers who could get away all fled and the castle was left to ruin.   In 1221 a natural disaster hit the area and practically washed the forest and the surrounding area into the sea, but the castle remained untouched the locals are saying that the curse is protecting the castle from being destroyed.

Purpose / Function

The Purpose of the castle was to defend a strategic crossing over a river that ran through the famous black forest.
Founding Date
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Not much is known about the curse, other than that it make friends turn on friends and if not done properly it can have devastating consequences.

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