Roasted rabbit

Roasted rabbit is likely the more exciting version of the more commonly used rabbit in a stew where the rabbit is chopped into pieces and mixed with vegetables. This is also known as "poor man's casserole."   Travellers most commonly make roasted rabbits, merchants and other people on the road who might set up some traps on their day of rest or spend some time hunting down some rabbits, and it's never hard to find some rabbits as they are common in most of Dercia.   For travellers, after having caught the rabbit and made it ready to be put over the fire that had been started and allowed to burn down to only coals, some travellers would make a primitive marinade out of some cooking oil and either some fresh herbs if possible, or most travellers would carry a small selection of herps. The rabbit would then be skewered with two sticks of green wood, around one cm in thickness, depending on the size of the rabbit or if there were two rabbits on one stick, when this is done, two smaller sticks would be threaded through the front and the rear of the rabbit to hold it in place.   When the rabbit has been prepared, it would then be placed around 30 cm above the hot coals and then rotate the rabbit once in a while to have it roasted all over. While rotating it, some would also put some honey on the rabbit, claiming that it gave the rabbit a taste that reminds them of barbecue sauce, while having a smokey and sweet taste as well. When the rabbit was ready, some travellers would remove it from the skewer and season it with salt and pepper before serving it to the rest of the group. Others would eat it directly from the skewer, saving time.   There is a bit of an ongoing debate among people who make this dish about whether it's better eaten with forks and knives or with the hands and teeth. The last group claims that it makes the animal more flavourful.   What made this dish a popular one besides the fact that the main ingredients were either cheap or free if a person could catch it themself, were that almost anybody could make it, all that was needed were some patience and access to a fireplace.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Common, depending on the season.
Base Price
2 Mark for a piece and 1 Silver penny for the whole animal.
Serves: 2-4
  Prep: 5 minutes
  Cooking: about a half hour

Cover image: Rabbit on a stick. by Christopher Testani


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