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Lucky coins

Most people will have found a coin in their pockets shortly after they experienced something lucky at some point in their life.   While most people dont overthink about it and keep the coin around for some time until they forget about it and end up losing it or using it to buy some bread at the market. Some people though, keep the coin and either put it at the small altar in their home or make a small hole in it and make a necklace out of it to keep their lucky coin on them all the time.   The coins dont have a uniform shape, like so many other lucky items they can come in all shapes and sizes, the rule they seem to follow is that they are local coins, but the monetary value of the coins seems to follow no rule and they can takeĀ  the shape of anything from copper coins to gold coins.   While people put it down to coincidence that they found a coin after something involving luck, in reality, it's a symbol that the god of luck has been around and as long as they keep the coin near them they will experience slightly more luck than normal.
Item type
Unique Artifact


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Feb 23, 2024 14:48 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is a fun object. I wish I had one!

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