Jodecyn is a corrupt merchant guard who recently began to sell info about the caravans she protects but never enough to arouse suspicion about herself.   Jodecyn grew up on the road moving with the merchant caravans, and would pick up the odd job here and there to earn her keep on the caravans. When she became old enough to go out on her own, she stayed in the profession she knew, but she got into trouble at one point. The only way Jodecyn saw out of it was to agree to the bandits' conditions of becoming an informer for the caravans she would guard.   She would soon find that being a corrupt merchant guard was more terrible than she imagined, as whenever the bandits attacked, there would always be some of the merchants or their escort that died trying to be brave, so over time, Jodecyn would isolate herself from the rest to prevent getting too attached to the other guards.   Over the years, as a merchant guard,¬†Jodecyn has become an avid user of the crossbow. She prefers a small one, even if they are weaker than the bigger ones Jodecyn have trained for years to become deadly accurate with her crossbow so that she can hit the weak points in her attacker's armour or even take them out at a longer range than would be normal for her crossbows.

Mental characteristics


Jodecyn began working for merchants at a very early age as her parents worked as merchant guards, and she would pick up the same profession when she became old enough.

Personality Characteristics


Jodecyn hopes that at one point, she can track down the base of operations that the bandits that blackmail her operate out from so that she can take them down and end her time as a corrupt merchant guard.
Neutral Evil
Current Status
Merchant guard.
Year of Birth
1264 IC 21 Years old
On the road
Current Residence

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