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Dhagh Darul

Dhagh Darul is located in the western part of Zadad and is one of the few dwarven towns that are not entirely located underground.   For as long as anyone can remember the dwarves in the town have been producing some of the best metalwork in Mirateia and for those that wanted a master-crafted suit of armour or weapon would for the longest time go to Dhagh Darul to seek out one of the many master blacksmiths, it's only in recent times that single blacksmiths from around Mirateia have begun to pop up that can offer a product just as good as the dwarves can.   Although the monopoly of such products has begun to fall apart the customers still come to seek out the dwarves not only because of the quality but also because of the prestige associated with a product from Dhagh Darul.


While there does live a small number of humans and other races in the town, Dhagh Darul is mainly a dwarven town.


Dhagh Darul is led by a mayor who oversees the day-to-day run of the town.


Being a dwarven settlement, Dhagh Darul has some of the best defences in the nation for a town of its size, the wooden palisades are reinforced with metal plating and spikes and the defensive weapons are of the highest quality.

Industry & Trade

Dhagh Darul is leading the world when it comes to metal work, while their iron and other minerals that they mine from the surrounding hills are nothing special its how they refine the metal that makes them able to produce some of the best metal in Mirateia that can then either be sold to other master blacksmiths in other nations or it can be worked into items in the towns own blacksmith districts.  


Dhagh Darul is separated into seveal districts each specialising in something, it being anything from making coal that is used in the furnaces in the other districts to more refined metal work.


Located at the edge of large hills, the town has a stream running nearby that it uses to bring water for the blacksmiths, to the south, there is a large forest that the dwarves farm with the help of druids from Vizima so that they don't deplete the forest.

Natural Resources

Dhagh Darul is located at the foot of large hills that are rich in minerals that the town is mining, the minerals are not of any noteworthy quality but the quantity of the minerals is noteworthy.
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