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Darkness of 24th of Fira

The event known as the Darkness of 24th of Fira was the culmination of 25 years of build-up anger, suffering and pain on the behalf of the city of Pearlhal.   The city didn't know it yet but the war that had razed the countryside for the last 25 years had ended on the battlefield only a few days before the riot started but the news had simply not made it back to the city yet.   So When the senate that in the last few years had grown more and more unpopular with the population due to their seeming refusal to do anything about the war or the suffering of the city but also because the population believed that the senate was working against Queen Krea Astalles, announced during a game in the Hippodrome Festivus that there would be another round of taxation and conscription, the place erupted into a riot, angry citizens ran out of the stadium and toward the homes of the senate were many houses were set ablaze.   It took the city guard several days to quell the rioters and it was only when Commander Cala the commander of the Imperial Guard threaten the rioters and the city guard that if the riot didn't stop, she would have the Imperial Guard clean the streets with force.   The City Guard and rioters respected the Imperial Guard so before dawn, the riot had mostly died down and the destruction could be measured, with more than 26.000 dead with an unknown number that would die in the following weeks of their wounds.

The Conflict


For a short time the city guard was joined by pairs of Imperial Guards┬áthese would patrol the centre of the city around the stadium.   Games were also banned for 2 months afterwards and when finally allowed to continue it was with fewer spectators for another 4 months.
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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
City guard managed to Quell the riots



5000 members of the city guard were called in to deal with the riot.
At least 50.000


41 death
573 wounded
26.845 death
10.573 wounded


Quell the riot.

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