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The universe has seen the birth of nine important worlds. Why these worlds more than the others are vital to what becomes the future, cannot easily be explained. That these nine worlds are called, Mainstays is known. That each of these have a special role to play is accepted as a universal truth.

Other Mainstay worlds boast age or strength or something 'other' that sets it apart. The youngest and most vibrant of the Mainstays is, Miranse., World of Conflict. Here on three landmasses; Baym, Coaseth and Tighan, the principles of antagonism are played out in many variations.

Two Final Men are persuaded -- by their own existence if nothing else -- to come to grips with the New Realm. Having lived in the Second Realm, both men are aware that this surviving existence is probably the last chance they have to understand their destinies.
Revelations have begun. The world of conflict is aptly titled. Miranse will be the base from which the rulers of the Realm will be dominant. The Primordial have stirred and this means that their Thoughts are finding homes in the peoples that inhabit the Realm. Will the powers of the previous Realms be capable? Are there new Powers yet to be born?
Colour moves throughout the Realm, tinting or staining it depending on the perspective one chooses. The Wide Array is formative but clearly holds prominence, even should it be that some of the Spires of Colour are using Colour for their own purposes. There might have been a balance to the Realms once but it is sure that the present is far from equilibrium.
It is Miranse's 2140th year.