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Julen (Zoo lahn)

Julen is a holiday that exists in Minecraftia. While the holiday has different meanings and interpretations, the general consensus is that Julen is a day to spread kindness amongst each other, often done in the form of giving gifts to one another. Julen is the Minecraftian equivalent of Earth's Christmas. There are a few rules that are consistent across the Overworld when celebrating the holiday, such as building a tree(preferably a spruce tree) in front of one's home, as well as enjoying cookies and milk.


The mythos of Julen describes a wealthy man named Monta Sanos who gave gifts to children every day. Eventually, the children grew up and, although not as wealthy as Monta Sanos, began giving gifts to other children once a year in order to share the kindness he had shared. Over time, the tradition gained the name of Julen. Monta noticed this and felt touched by the kindness, and gave away all his money, deciding to live in a log hut out in a snowy plains to the far north. One night out of every year, he sends out thousands of allays to deliver gifts to people across the Overworld over the course of a single night, delivering the gifts to a single chest within each home.
Julen originated as a tradition celebrated primarily within the Red Society before it made its way across the rest of the Overworld.
To mark the holiday, every chest in Minecraftia will change textures to that of presents.


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