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Transport Ship

Transport ships are a class of space ship primarily intended for carrying and deploying planetary invasion forces. They are operated by the vast majority of spacefaring societies, and are typically constructed soon after achieving FTL travel. Transport ships are often large, unarmed, and unarmoured, capable of carrying a division of troops and their equipment. Once above a planet, the transport ship either deploys its complement via dropship or shuttle, or lands on the planet directly to allow for the disembarkation of personnel. Transport ships are usually grouped together as part of army groups, in flotillas of twenty to fifty each. In addition to storage bays for equipment, troop ships have facilities to house tends of thousands of military personnel for long deployments, with many utilising experience gained in the development of colony ships.
Usually 500-1,000m
Complement / Crew
200-2,000 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
10,000-20,000 troops
50-100 dropships or shuttles
Hundreds of armoured fighting vehicles
Hundreds of artillery pieces
Dozens of strike craft


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