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Paridni Mercantile Republic

The Paridni Mercantile Republic is an interstellar government organised as an executive committee. Its capital is the tropical world of Parakon, located in the Ingira System, where the arthropoid Paridni evolved. The population of the Paridni Mercantile Republic is notable for its very strong xenophilic values, as well as a dedication to materialism. The Paridni Mercantile Republic is led by a bureaucratic committee, which itself is led by an appointed Chairman or Chairwoman. A number of powerful merchant guilds hold significant sway within the Paridni government, and the society proudly states that it revolves around commerce. Behind the scenes, however, it is understood that a secretive council handpicks the members of the executive committee, rather than the merchant guilds that are de jure supposed to. Diplomatically, the Paridni Mercantile Republic believes in the peaceful spread of trade throughout the galaxy, avoiding conflict where possible.
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