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Certeran Covenant

The Certeran Covenant is an interstellar government organised as a dimensional covenant. Its capital is the alpine world of Certera, located in the Wrynne System, where the humanoid Certerans evolved. The population of the Certeran Covenant are well-known throughout the galaxy for their adherence to strict moral codes, and their desire to explore the universe and beyond. The Covenant is ruled by an elected group of politicians and priests, and are led by the First Ascendant. Covenant society is based around preparation for the afterlife, where Ceterans believe their essences travel through astral rifts to live on after death. The Covenant is peaceful in its diplomatic dealings, remaining unaligned and focusing on exploring astral rifts. Despite its relative non-alignment, the Covenant has become increasingly intertwined with the Divine Compact.


The ancestors of the Certeran Covenant originated in another universe. From what information was gathered by Covenant scientists during their expedition through the Great Rift in the Wrynne System, the Certeran ancestors were an FTL-capable civilization that had just taken to the stars. Soon after they began expanding throughout the galaxy, they came under attack by extradimensional invaders and were forced back to their home system. On the brink of defeat, an astral rift opened in orbit of their homeworld. Referred as the "Miracle Door" by many, a select group of the best the species had to offer was sent through the rift in a rudimentary rift sphere.

The sphere emerged in realspace, crash-landing on the nearby alpine world that is modern-day Certera. Although the live refugees onboard the sphere were few in number, they brought large numbers of embryos and artificial wombs to expand their population. However, as the original survivors died and the next generation grew older, the preserved data from the old homeworld became corrupted. The Certerans soon regressed to a less advanced state, approximate to a pre-FTL Stone or Bronze Age civilisation.

Although the data from the sphere was lost, much of it survived as oral traditions told by the descendants of the original refugees. The astral rift in orbit of Certera, the Great Rift, became an object of religious worship. The majority of religions on the planet believed that upon death, a Certeran's soul would pass through the Rift to their afterlife. It took approximately five thousand years, but eventually the Certerans would unify their world under a democratic religious covenant, and develop the hyper drive at the turn of the 23rd century CE.

Shortly after the launch of the first hyper drive-equipped ships, strange seismic activity began on Certera. Investigations of this acticity revealed the ancient ruins of the crashed rift sphere. Analysis of the sphere confirmed that it originated on the other side of the Great Rift. Although reverse-engineering the sphere greatly accelerated efforts, a Certeran science team would only breach the Great Rift in 2245 CE. Although five thousand years had passed in realspace, in the universe the Certerans originated in, only fifty years had passed. Using their advanced technology, the science team were able to aid their ancestors in repelling the extradimensional invaders and save their homeworld.
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