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Fell Blomgren

Pine Jötun (Giant) Fell Pinne Blomgren (a.k.a. Himlrkittlare (Sky tickler))

  Fell Blomgren is one of the few dozen living giants left in Midgard. At least so the stories say. There isn't really much to his leadership than that the Blomgren family named him their leader because they figured that feeding him would cost them less food than thieves would cost them otherwise. It just so happened to be that Fell loved their proposal and has proven to be a most empathetic and loving member of their family. Even so, thieves flock from all over Midgard to take whatever food the fertile farmlands around their valleys yield.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Big as a tower, Fell can instill fear in even the boldest of warriors.

Body Features

Thick leathery skin.

Facial Features

Has a look of weariness over his face similar to the ones a flu-struck human would have.

Identifying Characteristics

Being a giant.

Physical quirks

His left arm has some sort of a problem with its nerves, causing him to sometimes swing uncontrollably with all of his might. Sometimes the suddenness of it causes him to lose his footing and fall prone.

Special abilities

Once killed 12 wheat thieves in a single swing.

Apparel & Accessories

A large patch-work of fur and thick textiles. Commonly one can find leftovers of animal (and sometimes human) bones stuck in his clothing.

Specialized Equipment

His right hand swing is known in all of Midgard as one of the mightiest strikes known to mankind.

Personality Characteristics


Dreams to one day find a wife who can bear his children. Currently all his attempts of offspring has caused infernal pain and death to the would-be mothers of his offspring.


Awful. One can sense his stench from well over hundred foot away.

Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
264 (38 years old)
Pale yellow
Skin Tone
White with thick red patches
Unknown. A lot.
Quotes & Catchphrases
One, Two, TREE!
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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