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Southlands Dwarves

The Southlands dwarves are distant relatives at best, with different language, magic, and style. In the desert heat the Southern dwarves shave their heads and wrap their beards tightly in gold or copper wire; sometimes these beards are forked or braided as well. They serve a male mask of Rava named Ptah, and they build clockwork bodies they call shabti, or servants. Their skin is dark as ebony, and—when not shorn—their hair runs to pure black, gold, or (strangely) red. The Southern dwarves are alchemists and mystics, with a particular hatred of dragons and the Mharoti Empire. They have served the god-kings of Nuria Natal well and faithfully as bodyguards and heavy infantry for centuries, and as engineers who build their temples, city walls, and step pyramids.

Encompassed species

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