The dragonborn are the youngest race of Midgard, growing quickly in the extent of their rule. They are common only in the Mharoti Empire, and indeed they are a consequence of its founding; the dragonborn were unknown before the unification of the dragons. They have spread beyond the Dragon Empire and now flourish throughout the south and east of Midgard. (“Dragonborn” describes this race; the term “dragonkin” refers collectively to all the scaled races.)

Dragonborn are considered a race of great presence and ability, but driven by greed and arrogance. Such a young race should be more humble, or at least less demanding. And yet the dragonborn justify their arrogance with so many battles fought and won. Their penchant for warfare and their success at seizing plunder make many wonder whether they are especially favored by the World-Serpent Veles. The dragonborn are quick to claim his blessing, and the blessings of their draconic gods. Dragonborn are powerful scaled humanoids, clawed and fearsome in size and strength. As might be expected, the resilience and arrogance of humans fused with thescaly magic and toughness of dragons is a powerful combination. Most dragonborn have gray, brown, tan, gold, silver, or black scales; rarely, some display red-orange, green-yellow, or starlike blue-and-black scales.

The dragonborn divide themselves into the Four Elemental Kinds of supposedly purebred lineages, though there is a great deal of mixing among them and hybrids are not uncommon. The flame or fire dragonborn (who bear yellow, golden, or orange scales, with red crests) are the most common, followed by wind or storm dragonborn (blue, white, silver, or gray scales, with black crests). The stone or cave dragonborn are relatively uncommon (brown, gray, black, or rarely white scales, with purple or white crests). Rarest of all are the wave or tide dragonborn breeds, gold, blue, or green-scaled with bright green or yellow crests. More common than the purebreds and outside the traditional elemental divisions are the edjet or soldier dragonborn, who sport brassy or tan scales with black or rust-colored crests. Dragonborn males and females are distinct. Both sport clawed hands and feet, their faces are dominated by short snouts, and their eyes are deep and golden or black. Beyond that, male dragonborn are larger, horned or crested, and considerably heavier. Their tails are short and ofhen spiked. Female dragonborn are faster, smaller, and wiry, with longer lashing tails. They sometimes have a frill or collar of contrasting color.

Dragonborn wear armor normally, since their own scales are only slightly more protective than human or dwarven skin. All dragonborn are heavy and slow for their size, but they exude a commanding presence, a sense of destiny that scalykind and non-scaly races alike find compelling.

Dragon Magic

Dragon magic tends toward the raw and uncomplicated: elemental magic and the magic of scale and claw. Occasionally, it also is transformative, as in certain rituals said to turn a kobold into a dragonborn, or a dragonborn into a drake.

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