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Cantonal Dwarves

The cantonal dwarves are makers, miners, and smiths, digging deep into the Ironcrags for iron and gold and forging items of great wonder; primarily exceptional spears, crossbows, and arrows, but also great artistic works. Singular items are a lifetime‚Äôs masterwork: a clockwork steed or wagon, an airship, a returning hammer, or a suit of invulnerable armor. None of these are beyond the grasp of a cantonal smith. The cantonal dwarves serve no kings, choosing instead to rule themselves. They frequently serve as mercenaries in the Seven Cities, among the nobles of the Grand Duchy, and against the Mharoti Empire, side by side with the Magdar Magdar knights. They have a deep hatred of the undead of the Blood Kingdom.  

Gunpowder and Airships

The cantonal dwarves of Midgard are the only race with access to gunpowder and airships. Airships occupy a similar position. The dwarves built a few of them in the canton of Templeforge, but the crafts are delicate and expensive. Most are used for high-value cargos and urgent military maters, and only a few cantons have an airship of their own.

Encompassed species

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