Amethyst Odd

The shop is owned by Amethyst Odd, who runs it out of a travelling caravan.   POT of PROTECTING (80 gp) - earthenware pot which cannot be destroyed (comes with lid)   HOOD of the RAT FOLK (90 gp) - hat which makes the wearer into a rat person while donned   LUMP of DELIGHT (50 gp) - a rosewater-flavored square of powdered sweet jelly which heals 1d6+1 damage   CLOAK of the MAIDEN (110 gp) - disguises the wearer as a soft, tumble-haired maiden beneath a shadowy hood (doesn’t work with the hood down)   OIL of BINDING (50 gp) - oil which adheres any two surfaces together (enough for 3 uses)   LOYAL Little COIN (50 gp) - a coin which always finds its way back to its owner as long as the owner scratches her name onto it. It will also roll or spin forever   CLOAK of CHANGES (230 gp)- allows the wearer to swap ability scores around at will, but gives a -2 saving throw penalty as the malleability makes the spirit less resistant   ANCIENT Tome of SPIRALS (100 gp) - ancient book in ancient language with ancient snakeskin binding and ancient hypnotic pattern on cover   WIG of FORESEEING (200 gp) - allows the wearer to guage the odds of succeeding at a task in the immediate future. Made from the hair of a famous witch.   GEM of the VOID (450 gp) - dispels magic effects in an aura around it once per day   MISTY STONE (300 gp) - a small smooth stone covered in cold perspiration. Found at a sacred lake.   FIRE POUCH (190 gp) - contains an ever-burning flame


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