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Miand'Més is a world of Magic and Miracles, as much as it is of Life and Death. It has seen its share of catastrophes that have left it both the world and its inhabitants scared and weary.
Thousands of great islands float high up among the clouds, doing their best at defying the pull of gravity. The largest of these contain ancient and magnificent cities, with some being nothing but ruins, while others are as they were in their prime.
Only a few hundred can be accessed through mundane means, such as with Zeppelins and Cloud Lizards, while the rest can only be reached by using the so-called Tayus Gates.
According to legend, it is said that they were built by the mystical Primordial Builders. But only a handful of these Gates are still active and even fewer are known both man and mortal.
Born from the catastrophe that broke the Sky Islands free, are the deep, and dreadful, craters that dot the landscape. Some are barren, while others contain lush flora and fauna. They all contain a spark of chaos and creation.
All of this is overseen by the Court of Divinities, which is divided into two separate groups: the Concealed Gods and the Holy Gods. Those that are unknown and those that are known.
Each of the Divinities rules over their own Demiplanes, surrounded by their own Court of Angels.
Angels. Beings that act as servitors for the Divinities and allow them to affect the material world in earnest. They are souls that has been rescued from the depths of the Great Dark Ocean beyond the Shores of Existence, and been returned to a physical form and augmented with extraordinary abilities and skills.