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Lullaby Inn

"The only place you see the rich and poor bonding over blacking out" ~Daffodil Caiendlare

The building is split into 3 floors: Under Ground Above   With the only access points going into the underground sections.


Dining room

Wood floor and stone walls with extra wood are used in place to add extra support and flavour to the atmosphere. Having connections to the outside, toilet, storage, kitchen with doors and stairs up to the next floor.


Small toilet that has a basic sewage system connected to it requires manual flushing from the basin of water against the wall.


Walls of stone filled with wooden shelves built into the infrastructure, used for storing supplies sold to adventurers. Connecting to the dining hall and kitchen.


Shelves that can be easily removed and adjusted for more space or for special types of storage for food. Having the only access through the kitchen or the backdoor that leads to the garden.


A large room in a z shape with many entrances and exits, a large chimney going up to allow for a large fire for roasting. Many tables for a range of cooking especially during great feasts. Having doors leading to the pantry, storage and dining hall.



The firepit acts as an outdoor cooking and socializing area conveniently placed near the tavern.


A set of 5 stables for a wide range of animals, multiple animals can fit into one stable if required.


A small garden featuring 2 large growth beds covered in bushes, herbs and fungus used for adding unique flavours to the dishes.

Public Room(Gatronctbherg)

Filled with 6 average quality beds covered in Grey linens. Hanging banners of the province Gatronctbherg. Placed above the staircase that goes to the last floor.

Public Room(Ahgrondmerculte )

Filled with 6 average-quality beds covered in Grey linens. Hanging banners of the province Ahgrondmerculte. Placed below the staircase that goes to the last floor.

Public Room(Forahdierloore)

Filled with 6 average-quality beds covered in Grey linens. Hanging banners of the province Forahdierloore. Having windows that view the garden.

Public Room(Chonanmer)

Filled with 6 average-quality beds covered in Grey linens. Hanging banners of the province Chonanmer. Having a view of the entrance and firepit.


A room filled with safes that are used for securing valuable items, the safes themselves being made out of cobalt and steel.


Small toilet that has a basic sewage system connected to it requires manual flushing from the basin of water against the wall.


Small room with a singular stone bath and a bucket for cleaning.


Master Bedroom(Upper)

Walls covered in fine wood and artisan paintings. Queen-sized bed, carpet, shelf and coffee table.

Master Bedroom(Middle)

Walls covered in fine wood and artisan paintings. Queen-sized bed, carpet, shelf and coffee table.

Master Bedroom(Lower)

Walls covered in fine wood and artisan paintings. Queen-sized bed, carpet, shelf and coffee table.


Made out of fine wood, with everything at a slight angle so rainwater doesn't get trapped.

Purpose / Function

To provide a place of rest for adventurers and hunters during their travels through Pachur Forah. In addition to providing a place for local hunters and towns folk to celebrate with ale and food.


The windows have metal bars preventing them from being climbed through. The only doors lead directly to the underground level, with the back door leading to the kitchens storage and being locked except for staff. The front door leads directly into the dining, bar and performance area.

Sensory & Appearance

The dining area has chandeliers made out of an assortment of mixed metals lighting the room. With lanterns on some walls and tables to provide additional light.   The bedrooms poor feature lanterns and candles. While the luxury bedrooms have chandeliers, they aren't often used as the residents generally default to the lanterns.   The remainder rooms use candles and lanterns including the kitchen.



Eilahc Waachmona
The owner is found there only during the day. He is an Ashen and loves to make bets often gambling with guests.
  Ainez Luthien Earthreach
Coming from a noble elven lineage, she decided to flee at a young age, and she became a chef at a young age. She is found working in the kitchen during the day and as a prostitute during the night.
  Spoute Dynloch
He works during the day doing cleaning, cooking and assisting in small odd jobs.
  Mercy Sunder
She is an Ashen and is only found working during the night doing labor and cooking.

Daffodil Caiendlare
He is a Mirran performer who provides song and instruments to his performances. He only plays on the 3rd and 5th day of the week from morning to late at night. 
  Cereus Hicenhlang
An Ashen jester specializing in ballads, jokes and putting on plays. He only performs on 6th from 4pm till 7pm.
  Andria Surnehemel
She is a Donhuid dancer, specialized in ballet. She can be found working on the 3rd, 4th and 7th day of the week and works as a prostitute. 
  Blex Haiqqiexe
As an Aqaxien(pale elf) she is blind. Having a voice of a goddess she sings ballads and can mimic anyone's voice perfectly making her take part in plays. She can be found performing on the 4th and 7th week. 
  Jaiden Meicn Softvoice
Performer248 As a Kenhika she left her homeland at a young age and because known for her sweet and persuasive voice. She took to the art of performance with voice by singing and for special requests. She performs spontaneously throughout the 2nd, 4th and 8th day of each week. 

Alky Hartfich
As an old mirran he faced in the war of the flying baron, now living his life off by telling tales and drinking.
  Nick Lachtschip
He used to be an Ashen sailor till his ship was sunk by pirates and now he drinks and gambles to try reclaim the fortune he lost.
  Lenard Duran
He is an Ashen scholar who can always be found with his nose stuck down into some research documents on the link between the elves and Chinderin.
  Aineh Gilde
An Ashen hunter who provides fresh venison to the inn, he is really fond of hunting and loves to teach people how to hunt.


A silver sword placed on the wall in the dining room just above the bar gifted to the inn by a wereboar hunter who was reaching the end of his life, his last partnering words was the blade's name "Vigilance".


The addition of the upper level in the year 11AS adding the master bedrooms and balcony.  Sanitation and sewage system being implemented in 32AS.


The building is built out of the remains of an old Chinderin ruin, using old dark stone for the base and walls mixed in with some newer dark stone to repair what's missing. The upper levels using pale wood planks harvested from Pachur Forah with dark wood used as beams harvested from the Rowan Forest.   There are many curved arcs with pointed tips often with the head of an animal featuring from the Totems in the interior supports.    The roof made out of a combination of a layer of Pachur wood with stone layered ontop to drive it off the roof and to limit catching on fire.


The only entrance is by going down the stairs into the underground room creating a funnel to help limit thieves.  All items also can be placed in a locker for extra security with only the owner having access to the keys.


The building was originally built by the Chinderin, but through time the building fell to ruin and was rebuilt into a residence eventually being bought in the year of -12PS and turned into an Inn.


Many different types of people visit here. Most are travellers looking to cross the country, traders wishing to trade in the capital and hunters who take part in a pilgrimage to the forest.   It is one of the locations amongst the Druken Huntsman challenge, a competition where people travel across the country to get drunk and hunt a beast. The beast for hunting in this tavern is the native orange feathered owlbear.








Founding Date
Alternative Names
Star and Crib
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


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Seems like an interesting design. I shudder to think what would happen if there was a fire, is there an emergency exit? It may just be my screen, but I did find the text color a bit hard to read on the black background. Other than that though I liked the article. It does seem like a good waystation or resting point for adventurers. Only thing I can think of to improve it is the sidebar is rather empty right now. Perhaps some quotes from the owner or a patron, or a menu could go there.

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