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Poisoned Cup

A cup of warm sallak found at the scene of Lonad Sentalen's murder.

Scene of the crime

The body of Lonad Sentalen was found at one of the Sentalen family mansions in Tralb, lying on the ground in his bedroom with the poisoned drink nearby. The room is close to the main courtyard and easily accessed from nearly anywhere within the grounds, with little security aside from the guards manning the front gate. The victim's family has rooms close by, as do his children's teacher and caretaker.


The cup of poisoned sallak was found by Lonad Sentalen's eldest daughter, spilled onto the ground near the body. The cup itself is ordinary, but the swift and sudden death of Lonad Sentalen, who had been reportedly alive just half an hour earlier, while drinking from this cup immediately raised the guards' suspicion. Further analysis of the drink revealed it to be laced with a quick-acting poison of Yathami origin, as evidenced by the thin, nearly imperceptible traces of white along the edges of the liquid. Suspected to be the latest in a slew of murders among the Hurani nobility, Lonad Sentalen's murder is now under the purview of the Imperial Investigator, who has appropriated the poisoned cup for investigation.
Investigator's notes:

Thirteenth of Hafe, of the year 8137.

The murder was reported at half past nine in the evening, and the investigation team arrived approximately a quarter of an hour later. The victim's body has already been moved by his family, but luckily, the rest of the crime scene remains undisturbed.
(...) If this is related to the other killings, this posioned cup would be the first piece of evidence actually left behind at the crime scene. In that case, it may be the key to solving not only this murder, but the rest of them as well...

Poisoned cup
The cup itself is common, the poison contaminating it less so.
20cm x 10cm
Father was just a hard-working government official of average rank. He's never made any enemies in Huran, let alone in other countries!
— The victim's daughter


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