Mbali A World of Griot Legends and Earth-Bending Music

29 Musa, 1585 ME

The Continent of Mbali
Full Continent Map
There is a magnificence in a story that is impossible to be recreated in written form. The power and influence of voice stretches far beyond just the words spoken. A griot pulls the essence of an ancient story into a form you can feel and brings into existence something that has long since disappeared from the land. The spoken story manifests the power of Jind to create and destroy, and we call it magic. This essence isn’t held in words alone, as we see its power manifest in the beat of the drum and the strummed chord of the kora. With sound comes memory, communication with tsun, and ancient and contemporary magic. But the written word is not totally inert. If the art of the griot is ever lost…if the rhythm of music ever dies…if men ever lose their song, the only map or guide to reclaiming what was lost will be what was preserved in written form. So to protect the future and to preserve the heart of Mbali for all future generations, the Qatar Archives is being created. We will collect stories from all of Mbali to be recorded and preserved for posterity right here in Qatar. This tremendous endeavor will be a legacy that will not only reflect the magnificence of Qatar, but will capture the heart of Mbali and the power of the Masanii for our descendants in eternity.   -King Lugobi Saad   If this is your first time perusing the Archives, may we suggest that you begin with Dulamah's article on Qatar Archives. It includes an intro to King Lugobi's instructions for the archive and the staff who organize and keep record of all the treasures within.