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Draconic Imperium

An ancient civilization ruled by dragons. This empire was wide-ranging and encompassed many lands. The dragons divided the empire from regional rulers to individuals Draconic Holt . Every dragon was required by draconic law to have a holt and hoard. This pushed dragons to always have new conquest to expand the draconic empire.   The dragons organized the society into casts.  On the top of the hierarchy are the Dragons, dragons responsibility is to rule and to provide for their servants and minions from their hoard. A dragon's hoard indicates its ability provide for its servants and minions. This is a sign of a dragon's clout.   Then is the servants which include all forms of dragonkin. The servants are divided into two groups warriors and caretakers. The Warriors are the elite soldiers and commanders in a dragon's forces. The caretakers will cair for the dragon, the dragon's eggs, and their holt.    Minions are all other creatures under the dragon's command these people are treated as slaves and used in all rolls outside the dragon's holt


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