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Lord Arthur Vane

Lord Arthur is a staunch supporter of the monarchy and takes his responsibility as a member of the House of Lords seriously. Recently, matters at home have taken him away from London and back to Lesser Edale. He has not been seen in London for around three months. Neither has he been seen much by the villagers of Lesser Edale, preferring to keep to his ancestral home where he can keep an eye on his daughter Eloise. The investigators may meet Lord Arthur if they elect to arrange a meeting with him at Plum Castle, or if his son Lawrence invites them for dinner. Lord Arthur is very concerned regarding the situation with his daughter and fears for her life, as well as the good standing of the Vane family name. Meddlesome interlopers, like the investigators, are likely to be given short shrift unless they can prove their trustworthiness. In all situations, he allows no inquiry by outsiders as to what he sees as purely family business. Apart from the reasons already given, Lord Arthur fears what might happen to his daughter if the police and villagers discover she is the murderer. The scandal would be awful enough, let alone the horror of seeing his daughter accused and hung.  


Bald pate, heavy walrus mustache; formally attired in country or dinner wear.  


Normally shrewd and cunning, the current situation has him deeply worried and, consequently, he is prone to short bursts of anger.
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