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Lawrence Vane

firstborn son and heir

Lawrence Vane is under a lot of pressure. Like his father, he is very worried about his sister Eloise. While his father has basically “battened down the hatches” and retreated from public life, Lawrence is forced, for the sake of the family, to keep up appearances in the village. He feels terrible guilt for the murders and, in his heart, he knows his sister must be the culprit, but he cannot face this truth and so pushes it down behind a mask of normalcy. Consequently, he is being eaten alive by his conscience. The investigators may bump into Lawrence in the Laughing Horse Inn, on one of his visits to the village to give the impression that all is well with the Vanes. A sophisticate, he was always contemptuous of the local gossip, though Eloise’s sudden ruin has softened his pride. If he talks to the investigators, he (initially) assures them that the constable knows his business and that the Vanes have nothing to hide. A successful Psychology roll shows that Lawrence is troubled and keeping something back. If the investigators can win him over, he may break down and ask for their help  


Blond, with angular features and the Vane chin; dressed in country tweed, with a flat cap.  


Normally aloof and a bit of a snob, he has recently mellowed and fears for his sister’s life.
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