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Rift Roots

Roots from elsewhere

  The surface of Voze Island is perched atop the mysterious cave system of The Ruinous Rifts. While much of the energies which once coursed through those caverns was siphoned away during the The Death of Magic: some energy definitely remains. Now that the energy is more diluted exposure is not instantly fatal to plant and animal life.   The plants on the surface of Voze island are unique and ever changing. The planar energies seep up through the soil and into their root systems with results that can be unpredictable. A small facility owned by Behemoth Incorporated is located on the far west side of Voze island where these plants are cultivated. Not one to be left behind, the Tridoch Corporation has its own camp on the north side of the island - The alchemical properies of these strange plants allow for limitless potential.  

Samples of Rift Touched Flora

  • Thunder Apples Apple trees on the southeast of the island grow a very mild flavoured mushy apple which is a deep blue in colour. These apples while a bit disappointing to taste are filled with energy from the elemental plane of lightning. Each bite produces a shock akin to licking a battery, and choosing to eat one feels strangely invigorating.
  • Shade Rose Wild roses growing on the eastern shore of the island have a very faint fragrance akin to a 'normal' rose, but their petals are a deep midnight black. The elemental plane of darkness has infused these flowers and affixing one to the lapel of your jacket will make it a bit easier to blend into the background.

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