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Setyxket, the Vindicator of Al'Zharia and the Winged Scourge, is the ruling god and Pharaoh of the Freelands of Al'Zharia. He is the only god whose realm is located on Malyk, rather than the outer planes.  


No one know what Setyxket looks like underneath his bird-helmet. Very little is known about this god, as he remains separated from humanity, despite living on Malyk itself.  


Setyxket was well known before godhood to be a cunning strategist and an indomitable warrior. He is said to have the power to invoke the sun, and dispel any chances that the Vampires of Ulstrom could ever have of invading their lands, remaining the only territory on the continent of Nor to remain independent of the empire.  


The extent of the relics known to be possessed by Setyxket are unknown. It is said that the ruins of Al'Zharia is filled with priceless relics, however no grave robber dares disturb the palace in which a god resides.  


In life, it has been said that Setek was hardworking and determined. Having the willpower to overcome his treacherous brother and ascend to godhood is said to have changed him, however not much is known about him after his ascension, other than through scripture and word from his clerics.  


Setyxket was born as a mortal on Malyk, and has made it his home. He is not associated with any other realms, and it is unknown if he has ever left Malyk.  


The people of Al'Zharia almost exclusively worship Setyxket, and very few non-Al'Zharians worship him.  


Setyxket lives in isolation, and has no known relationships.  

Battle of the Final Pharaohs

In the years leading up to the beginning of the civil war of Al'Zharia, the two twin brothers, Horyx and Setyxket each declared themselves the rightful Pharaoh. It is unknown which one of the two twins was the elder, and thus the rightful Pharaoh. After six years of war, Horyx and Setek fought each other, ultimately leaving Setek the victor. At the end of the war, Setek was the last of his line. All his blood realities deceased. Once he took the throne on the now destroyed capital of Al'Zharia, a light enclosed on him, as he acceded a God-Pharaoh, with his name changing from Setek to Sethyxket (Setyxket). Learning the errors of his ways, he allowed each of the cities to govern themselves, while he ruled over the dead left in his wake.

Divine Domains

Light, War, Death
Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral


The Pharaoh   Wielder of the Sun  

Holy Symbol


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