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Tiamat is Forged

Metaphysical / Paranormal event

3776 DL

Bahamut's antithesis is conceived, to be a balance against him and create a truly fair and just rule.

When the Forge of Metals designed Bahamut, it created inherent flaws within him, even though it strived to make him perfect. It realized, however that it couldn't create a single perfect being, and worked to create a perfect antithesis, to both complement and rival Bahamut. But with Bahamut relentlessly working the forge to create new dragons endlessly, there was little time for it to create such a being.   Over time, though, a young dragon came to question Bahamut. She was not violent in her actions, but rather her words sought to challenge Bahamut's thinking, design new ways to better Vanadis, and more efficient ways to use its powers. And the moment Bahamut recognized her potential, so did the forge.   Thus Titharan ascended to become Tiamat of the Voidmetal, a breed of dragon completely unique, made from an enigmatic metal that would never again appear, not even in the Halls of Vanadis. Tiamat's rebirth heralded a new age within the Halls of Vanadis, and with her coming, the cogs of the Halls turned and switched, making way for a new order.

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