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The Iron Rampage

Plague / Epidemic

9900 DL - 9950 DL

A terrible plague wreaks disastrous havoc across the dwarven underground.

It's unclear why the plague erupted, but many suspect it was carried through the ore that was prospected by the dwarves, and then unleashed upon the unwitting masses when they were smelted down to be used. Some suspect it was magically engineered, designed to disrupt the trust between Bahamut's church and his allies.   The effect on the outcome of the plague, however, is something that none can refute.   The Iron Rampage carried through the air, and infected many dwarves, sending them into murderous rages and fighting endlessly against each other, until enough people around them died. Then they tragically woke up from their enraged stupor, unknowing of what had happened, only to fall to the plague again. Containment of the plague was going terribly, and dwarves fleed in very direction, scattering to wherever the plague wasn't.   Bahamut immediately sent as many healers and magi as he could, attempting to contain the plague. Interestingly, they discovered that it only affected dwarves, and that others were fine. During this time, the elves aided the dwarves tremendously, and the dwarves and elves came to foster a budding alliance that would last long.   Though quickly contained, outbreaks would happen throughout dwarven history. The people realised that filth was part of the reason why it traveled more easily, and the dwarves were the first people to independently address hygeine.

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Creation, as Recorded by the Church of Bahamut