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Nestled in the mouth of a fjord is a large city, Svalbard is considered the third largest trading city in the world. Its abundant access to seafood and natural resources makes it quite profitable, and its perfect position makes it easily defendable.


Svalbard is located on the only beachside just at the mouth of a large fjord. A gate-like valley leads straight to the city, and is the only way by foot in and out. Coral reefs line the bottom of the fjord, visible during especially bright days, giving the seawater a rich color.

Fauna & Flora

The coral reefs in the bottom of the fjord are the perfect grounds for the sealife to flourish, and is the primary reason why Svalbard is so rich with sealife.
The mountainrange above Svalbard is home to many predators, including foxes, lynx and other animals. Their prey often end up being rabbits and the similar like. Dire wolves also roam the countryside, and it's not unusual to hear tales of tamed Direwolves, more often in the hands of Goliaths than others.

Natural Resources

Svalbard has a surplus of ore, mostly iron, as well as sealife supplies such as simple fish, oils and other.

Included Organizations
The Council of Trades
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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