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Art by Noah Bradley. City name originally ripped from the real world. Article and lore by Shpjokk.

Svalbard has seen its fair share of strife, enduring seaside attacks, bandits and other nasty problems. But throughout the many years of its lifetime, Svalbard has adapted and changed to better protect itself, all without the help of the Peacekeepers. They rely solely on their set up guilds' adventurers, as well as the several mercenaries that travel through their lands, to keep the peace. Svalbard itself is quite known for the good money it pays its employees.


The city is lead by a council of leaders, each representing an area of expertise, such as fish exports, ore exports, and such. These representatives are individually elected through voting within each caste.

Public Agenda

To ship only the finest products, offer only the finest services, and prove that one does not need Peacekeeper protection to solidly live through life.


Ore and seafood, mainly. Trading skills aplenty, including a school dedicated specifically to the art of trade.


Svalbard was a town that had survived for many hundreds of years, even before the coming of the Dragon Wars. After the devastating wars, Svalbard was in ruins, its people completely shattered. But stout they were, and they stubbornly rebuilt themselves, only to get crushed again several times by giants, bandits and the predatory wildlife. All through this, the Peacekeepers never once came to Svalbard's aid.
The people grew hateful of Bahamut, and when they'd finally rebuilt, they created laws to ban all affiliates of Bahamut from their grounds. Throughout the ages this hatred has mellowed out, and today is simply a distrustful sigh with the mentioning of the Platinum Dragon. The ancient law was lifted, and a small Peacekeeper embassy is now established in the city, though in its outskirts.

Sons of the North

Founding Date
890 AD
Geopolitical, State
Alternative Names
The Free City
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Malkorian Marks
Controlled Territories
Notable Members


The people of Svalbard hold no trust toward the Peacekeepers, having had a distrusting relationship with the Church of Bahamut for a long time. Though they tolerate the Peacekeepers because of their choice to more distance themselves from the Church, they still hold very small trust over the followers of the Platinum Tyrant.

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