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Bahamut, the Vast Dawn

Not one of the original gods, instead Bahamut is said to have, together with Tiamat, been uplifted into godhood to be the twin gods of day and night. Bahamut represented the rays of the sun and the dawn that shone on the world, whereas Tiamat was the serene, comforting light of the moon. It is said that, having been mortal himself, Bahamut took an ever-increasing interest in the well-being of the mortals of the world. He wished to more closely watch the mortals, and descended on the world with a mortal shell. Tiamat followed with him out of love, but many mistakes and clashes later they found themselves banished from the godly realm, and Tiamat came to curse Bahamut for all eternity.
The Church of Bahamut depict him as a gigantic platinum dragon, and his mark is that of a gold-silver dragon’s head.


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